Market Wrap

Aussie farmers more optimistic...


Both West and East coast Australia continue to receive rainfall and after two years of drought the feeling is the se read more >>

Australian barley falls to find demand


Australian domestic barley versus wheat price spreads widen as domestic wheat is in short supply whilst feed barley  read more >>

Eastern Australia Optimistic after rains


ECA has continued its golden run in February with continued rainfall in QLD, NSW and VIC. Queensland saw rainfall th read more >>

Plenty of rain in the Australian forecast.


Plenty of rain across East and South Australia will benefit plantings later this spring, but prices continue to rema read more >>

Its raining across Eastern Australia


Tropical storms pushed their way down through Northern Australia and into Central Queensland acting to further  read more >>

Has Monsoon season started in Australia?


The East coast of Australia is hoping recent rainfall continues during their "usual" monsoon season. Previous two y read more >>

Australian Wheat prices continue to climb


Western Australia export pace is considerably ahead of the January average and is supporting replacement values read more >>

Record temperatures down under!


Record temperatures across the whole of Australia may impact the end of the cereal harvest with 35-40% of barley lef read more >>

Australian Harvest progressing and prices rise.


The wheat harvest has progressed well over the week and prices have firmed due to competition on farm to procure whe read more >>

Harvest accelrates through Australia


Winter harvest accelerates across Victoria with ~25% cut and the timely rains have boosted yields. NSW is almost a  read more >>

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