Market Wrap

Western Australian production to save the day!


East Coast Australia‚Äôs wheat crop is unlikely to recover after sustained dry period and despite some recent rainfall read more >>

Australian Wheat market explodes higher


East coast prices jumped higher this week another at least 15AUD as crop conditions deteriorate across the East coas read more >>

Eastern Australia needs more rain


Production forecasts for NSW under pressure as July was the driest on record in Northern areas and driest nationally read more >>

World wheat markets catch a bid


World markets push higher on reduced production in the EU / Black Sea. Southern/Eastern Australian growers sti read more >>

Australian dry weather not improving


Weather disappoints across most of the Australian cropping areas with forecasts showing rains due in Victoria and We read more >>

Variable crop conditions in Australia


Conditions in Northern New South Wales and Queensland cropping regions continue to deteriorate after another dry wee read more >>

Australian rains disappoint, more needed!


The past week saw Northern NSW and Queensland receive further rainfall, however it was much less than was originally read more >>

Welcome rains help Australian crops


Decent rainfall registered across southern and Eastern states in Australia help the crops sown into very dry conditi read more >>

Australian yield potential cut


Despite some rains falling in Western and southern Australia with more in the forecast, the trade sees plantings hav read more >>

Rains in the Australian wheat plains


Both Western, Southern and Eastern cropping areas have to will receive rain which is positive for crop development a read more >>

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