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We have built up years of strong historical performance behind us. We are confident that the Saxon Flexi-Fund can help you successfully negotiate the volatile world grain markets.


We’ve listened to what our farmers require and so we’ve developed the Saxon Flexi-Fund to include new payment options and rewards.

The Saxon Flexi-Fund offers:

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS - "...you control your cash flow!"

    All your money on an exact date.
    Need a cash advance to get you through the Fund period? Pick this one.

YOUR CHOICE OF CROP with funds open for wheat, barley and oilseed rape.

ADDED QUALITY PREMIUMS to reward growers capable of growing grain of the various grades to suit our milling or malting customers. It also allows you to protect your milling premium through our min/max premium contracts.

FREE DON TEST for any wheat which makes milling grade.


So, why choose the Saxon Flexi-Fund?

“Let us manage your marketing whilst you manage the farm”

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