Daily Round-up

Spring barley plantings under pressure


Spring barley plantings in Germany, Baltics, UK & Ukraine are struggling due to late spring and prolon read more >>

US markets under pressure, but UK holding for now


Uncertainty over US / China trade wars is seeing investors sell out of long stocks/share positions and has caused vo read more >>

Feed barley markets remain buoyant


Saudi Arabia launched a tender for 1mT of feed barley for May-June shipment which surprised traders who were anticip read more >>

UK feed wheat remains supported


Nearby demand from Northern feed wheat consumers in the UK remains buoyant despite futures markets easing. (/files/D read more >>

Wheat futures markets market ease


Rain episodes across the parched winter wheat plains is causing long speculator positions to exit as conditions impr read more >>

UK Wheat resilience, more imports?


US wheat markets tumble again as Kansas receives rain, and despite the GBPEUR rallying, UK values fail to fall out o read more >>

Europe braces itself for more cold weather


Markets tick higher as a cold snap is due to traverse from East to Western Europe this weekend with mercury dipping  read more >>

UK continues to import wheat


UK net imports rose again as initial customs data showed 130kT of imports versus 30kT of exports. UK is currently im read more >>

USDA pushes corn prices up


USDA report was a mixed bag with global wheat stocks raised 3m whilst maize stocks were cut by 4m, back to trad read more >>

UK wheat outperforms US & EU wheat


UK wheat is being supported by news that Vivergo (bio-ethanol plant) will be starting up again soon, but only a read more >>

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