Founded in 1993, Saxon Agriculture has over twenty years of trading experience. Our focus is on all major cereals, oilseeds, and pulses with a keen eye for specialist and niche markets such as organics.

The service we offer our customers is honest, approachable, and straight to the point. Dedicated trade, logistics and administration departments ensures we have firm control of our supply chains from land to brand.

We succeed because we work hard to secure key markets across the UK and overseas. Drawing on our wealth of experience, we are confident in our dynamic marketing strategies like the Saxon Flexi-Fund. We perform, you benefit.

We market cereals nationally from our office located in East Anglia, and our people are always close to the action. Be it harvest or drilling season, we know what’s happening, where, and how it will impact the markets.

Saxon Agriculture is owned by GrainCorp Ltd, bolstering our operations with global coverage. 
Our connections to EU and worldwide markets gives customers an outstanding range of marketing opportunities.

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